I am Priyanka, author, recipe tester and part time photographer on recipefollows! Along with supporting pushing me to follow my dreams, my photographer husband also extends his time and devotion towards helping me create what you see on this blog. 

This blog started as a solace towards creative freedom while I was stuck in the corporate world doing the same thing day after day.

I am a self taught baker and loves to experiment in my kitchen. The only thing I love more is the mountains.

Recently I started a home based bakery LoveThemPeaches and is hoping to turn that into a cafe one day. Wish me luck & pray all, I'll need it :)

If you wish to contact me please email -- info@recipefollows.com
or you can also find me at TwitterFacebook and Instagram



  1. hi Priyanka
    would like it if you gave the recipe their due credit when taken form another source--- Thanks and great blog

    1. Hi Rajul

      Nice to see you here, I always make it a point to give due credit and also a link back to the original source if it is available online.
      For example, http://www.recipefollows.com/2012/01/coconut-cookies-almost-year-ago-friend.html - this is linked back to your cookery classes.
      Since you mentioned it, I will again go through all the posts and check if I missed it somewhere.

  2. I love the little stories that accompany each blog entry. I shall try your recipes as and when I can. Will keep you posted about the outcome of each! Much love :)

  3. Yay i can try these yummy recipes now!! :)
    Great read also to your tales of the wackiness and freakiness! See ya!

    1. I feel happy if I can be of any help in satisfying your sweet tooth. Cheers to our long discussions on sweet heaven!

  4. Hi Priyanka,

    Happy to connect with you.


  5. Hi Priyanka,
    It was nice to meet you at the churros demo and tasting at Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre today. I just wanna let you know I love your blog. And your little one is sooooo cute!

    1. Hi Tes, It was lovely meeting you as well. :)

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