Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Good things come to those who bake ~

Every time I talked about how I want to make my dreams come true there was something surreal about it. You fail to notice how with little steps you are everyday a step closer.

Ever since I had this idea about making food as my career change I had started my groundwork. Self learning, buying n numbers of cookbooks, watching YouTube, experimenting, whining, sleepless nights, talking endless even when no one is listening, you get the gist?

After four years, I did reach somewhere but not a place where I wanted to be. It came down to a point where I had to something about getting the right answers to the questions I seek.

The best way to fast track the whole thing was to go to school. The whole idea was so enticing; it had me vibrating with energy. But there was also this fear of stepping out of my comfort zone, which had me in jitters. I was to travel alone for the first time abroad and to the country that was never on my good list. All thanks to the indifferent people I used to work with in a multinational setup. 

Oh boy! Was I in for a ride? For the first time I thought how can I be so judgmental?
I was and I am ashamed of that. I met people who stepped out of their way to help me and I am so moved by that fact. I can never imagine anyone from my birth country doing that. Never!

On to the school, The School of Artisan Food was always my first priority because of the course structure and has been on my bookmark for years now. Anyhow the doubt that no one had heard about it and it was fairly new at that time I had to give the benefit of doubt and research about the other course.

Nothing can beat the course structure they are offering. It made so much sense to learn from the best and that’s what they provide. The humble staff I studied from was world rank holders and we always found out about it from the other horses mouth. Never the baker / horse himself. That speaks volume.

My time spent there was nothing but continuous learning and evolving myself. I started with self doubt of surviving in another country alone to making the most of my time there with lovely people and amazing food.

I kept myself busy with the number of courses they offered during my time there. I practically become a volunteer staff by answering questions of the first timers around and I loved every second of it.

Whenever we were in the class one thing was always predominant, to learn. Wayne often called them the building blocks, Mickael called it French baking. The whole emphasis of the course was to make sure we understand the science and art behind it and then work on the recipe. If we don't know what we are looking for the point of going to school becomes moot. They know what they are talking about.

I am sure my next recipes will be either from the big black book we earned at school or the inspiration I got while I was there. The catering staff was more than welcoming whenever I stopped at their station with my notebook and asking question about the amazing lunches they served the hungry bakers. I often wonder about the kind of pressure they must be under to produce and serve a bunch of bakers and world-class humble chefs sitting at one table together.

If you happen to be around the Welbeck estate, which houses the school, do stop by the opposite yard from the school building. That complex houses another gem which become my favorite in a short while - Welbeck Abbey Brewery

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