Monday, December 22, 2014

#NovemberRoad comes to an end!

While I was determined to quit my job and start something I strongly believe in, I had some serious doubts about myself. Everyone in my family believed I could do it but I choose to believe that I will give up when pressure starts.

What is NovemberRoad?
It was a self challenge, more like Sid's challenge. 
It all started with an evening in my beautiful balcony and office's political debate. After listening to my endless cribbing, I landed myself into a challenge.
Sid thought I was ready to get over and move on, I wasn't so much. I had classics saved on my bookmarks without any intention of doing them anytime soon. For me if I have not covered the basics, I'm not ready to break any rules. Period. So moving on was a bit of an overwhelming thought. I was given an option to choose and complete 15 out of hundreds of the bookmarks I had saved in one month alone.

Is the project completed?
I still have 2 recipes to complete but the whole accomplishment of 13 recipes in a month with blog posts here had me over the moon. I never imagined that I will be doing them all in a months time, some in a same day...

Your learnings from the project.
Mind blocks are all they are, Nothing more! I came over that fear of failure and started believing in myself. 

Any regrets?
The only thing I regret was the timing of this beautiful project. I should have done it sooner, gotten over my mind blocks and planned properly. 

The month of November is over but 2 recipes are still left untagged on the list. I have parts of tiramisu covered but due to unavailability of mascarpone around where I was living during that time left me in a rut. The second one is a cheesecake which was completed but was not posted on time. All thanks to the move from Pune to Delhi.


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