Sunday, November 9, 2014

#NovemberRoad - Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

“Dream big dreams, but start small. A journey of thousand steps begins with a step.”  
― Israelmore AyivorShaping the dream

Working with yeast has been my biggest fears. I have worked with no knead pizzas breads but they are no biggie. even if the yeast doesn't behave, thin crust will still be crusty!
But making a bread...wooo that's something I need to get over with!

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

I have downloaded Bread Bible on my kindle taking it to office often, reading on my way, but never got to try it. The simple things stop me...and that's just a single step towards it that I was scared to take.

This NovemberRoad project is just a means to overcome my mind blocks. And I can assure you that its working just fine.

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

My first attempt at Cinnamon Sugar Pull apart bread looks soo damn beautiful. I do not want to take apart the pieces and serve. I think I'll keep the loafs just like this...forever!

This bread is the easiest to make keeping in mind that you have enough patience to let the dough rise and rest. 

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

Recipe follows:    

The recipe was sourced from Annie's Eats

P.S. For NovemberRoad Project, all the recipes will be displayed as a link. I will not be writing about them until I make any changes to the same. Thanks.



  1. I love cinnamon pull apart breads so I can imagine how good this would have tasted. Definitely craving some right now.. think I need to make a load and follow your recipe!

    1. Hi Thalia! I was so scared of trying this recipe but it was unnecessary. Its super easy! You must try it :)

  2. Its super easy to make and very tasty.


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