Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brunch Up ~ Foodie cum Bloggers meet at Courtyard Marriott

The past weekend made all my hard work worth it.
First time in almost two years of my blogging I met a person who knew me because of my blog.

                                                          Photograph: Farzana & Alisgar

That's what happens when you meet up with bunch of people who connect together because of their love of food. Courtyard Marriott City Center was generous enough to invite us all for a lively brunch on a Sunday.

It all started with a single tweet from Sneha asking foodies of Pune for a brunch get together. Well the response from everyone lead to a Sunday full of fun and memorable moments.

There was live music, kid friendly activities (which Ozzy absolutely enjoyed) and delicious food.

We all meet and chatted over good food.

My conversations were cut short as little Ozzy was enjoying too much and kept running from one place to another and me after her.

We had more than 15 people at the meet from diverse backgrounds but similar passion for food.
There was constant chatter around the table and everyone was enjoying themselves. Everyone connecting and making new friends.

There was a spread which both Ozzy and I enjoyed. Ozzy played along and sat beside me while everyone was eating.

Once that was done we were all very happy to head toward the pastry counter.
I know for sure we all were waiting to know if it was part of the brunch or not. Overfilling our plates with yumm pastries, we were happy. Yet again.

Those few hours became memorable because of the hospitality of Courtyard Marriott City Center.

Hope that Pune foodies new found tradition continues and we all continue to share our passion for food.


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