Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brunch Up ~ Foodie cum Bloggers meet at Courtyard Marriott

The past weekend made all my hard work worth it.
First time in almost two years of my blogging I met a person who knew me because of my blog.

                                                          Photograph: Farzana & Alisgar


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chocolate Cinnamon Mousse Cake

This week I'm flying back home for a cousin's big fat Punjabi wedding.
And while I have big plans to spend my savings shopping in Delhi. I'm sure I'll make a stopover at that small overflowing book store which sells used book.

Sometime early this year I bought two cookbooks from that very shop at a great bargain.
Now before I go and buy more, I wanted to do justice to the ones already sitting on the shelf looking at me with their longing eyes.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Sugar-free Chocolate & Roasted Almonds Brownies

Its a mere coincidence that yesterday was World Diabetes day and today I am sitting to write about Sugar-free goodness.

I come from a line of heredity diabetes disease. And not just one side of the family. Yes I'm one of the few to share the same disease with both sides of my family. I have to keep a check on what I eat - just as a precautionary measure. A push to the limit a bit until I fall prey to the grey cobwebs of Diabetes.

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