Sunday, October 20, 2013

Churro making workshop at Momo2 Go Cafe ~ Courtyard Marriott City Centre

Last week around this time I was chatting away the details while tasting the left over pastries I bought on my way back from MoMo 2 Go Cafe at Courtyard Marriott City Center.

To say that I had an amazing time at the event would be an understatement.

It was a perfect setting at pool side and usual nice breezy Pune weather with some Spanish doughnuts and tea!

The evening started with us being introduced to the management & marketing team who were eagerly waiting for our arrival. After a round of introductions Chef Rohan started by telling us interesting facts about what Churros are and how were they originated.

Churros are also referred as Spanish doughnuts but are very easy to make and not as time consuming. They are a very common snacks with Spanish shepherds who make them on the go.

Once the demonstration was started by Chef Aniket, we were invited on the upper level to watch from up-close. That broke the formal atmosphere and we were soon asking questions and chatting away with both the Chef's while waiting for the Churros to be fried and ready for our high tea.

Courtyard Marriot has recently introduced Churros on their menu. They are served in different flavors as an assortment such as Raspberry, Chocolate, Apple and Caramel. Very decently priced if I may say so.

Oh and the best part? I feel in love with the table at which the setup was done, I wish I could have something like that at my home...sigh!

Had an opportunity to connect with other bloggers in Pune. Read what Deepali, Tes and Farzan And Alisgar have to share about this evening.




  1. sorry I missed seeing this post. I am glad to see myself here :) Lovely post.

    1. It was a great evening spent together :)


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