Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Canola Oil Event ~ Food Bloggers Meet

It's fun to be a part of food bloggers meet but if it comes with health benefits in a packaged deal, all the better!

Mumbai being Mumbai, my afternoon started with mad traffic on my way to Four Seasons Hotel in Worli. Completely forgot my traffic experience from the last time. Pune spoils you when it comes to all of that.

Even with the traffic I somehow managed to get in time and caught up with some other bloggers while waiting to for the event to start.

Bruce Jowett, VP- Marketing Development, Canola council of Canada started the evening by stating the fact about how India is the best market for Canola. As Indians consume around 17.5 million tons of cooking oil per year. Of which only 7 million is homegrown. All of the rest is imported.

One of the myths that I had read about the oil before attending the conference was that the Plant is genetically modified. Yes and it was true. But the modification is done on Canola plant and by using traditional planting method and not the Canola Oil. 

The evening continued with Neine Setalvad, a nutritionist and Columnist. She continued on speaking about how a little change in our grocery list help make a difference in our lifestyle. A healthy one to that.

The best part of the session was a talk by Dr. Aashish Contractor, HOD : preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation – Asian Heart Institute. It was shocking to hear how current change in our lifestyles is playing a huge role in increase of Lifestyle Diseases around the nation. Heart Disease is common not only among men but also equally or more in case of women too.

The preventive measures discussed during the evening were all down to food. Now let’s face the fact. We all live for food, or for some it does solve the purpose of going on.  The use of good ingredient is the most important part of our meals. That’s where it all starts and that’s what leads us to a smart living. Dr. said “using oil that is high in monounsaturated fat like canola oil helps reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering LDL or bad cholesterol.”  

Star of the evening, Chef Ajay Chopra – The Westin Mumbai garden city, ex judge for Masterchef India.
Relived his experience of using Canola oil for over a month now and was absolutely happy with the results.
Everyone was so excited to know that he was going to make snacks for the evening that hardly anyone would let him finish. He also told us that because of the high smoking point of this oil,  it can be used repeatedly without any quality loss.

Hence all deep fried snacks by Chef for the evening.

After all the hearty talk about health and cholesterol, we were treated with High Tea. To say I went all the way for that would be fair?

my photograph courtesy: organizers

It was fun though and had amazing chit chat session with other bloggers.



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  1. I recently attended the Canola meet in New Delhi.
    Did u use it ? Whats ur take on it?


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