Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Canola Oil Event ~ Food Bloggers Meet

It's fun to be a part of food bloggers meet but if it comes with health benefits in a packaged deal, all the better!

Mumbai being Mumbai, my afternoon started with mad traffic on my way to Four Seasons Hotel in Worli. Completely forgot my traffic experience from the last time. Pune spoils you when it comes to all of that.

Even with the traffic I somehow managed to get in time and caught up with some other bloggers while waiting to for the event to start.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Coffee - Chocolate Banana Bread

It’s the comfort of Cinnamon I seek when I feel low. I never understood the reason why people baked at their bottom-most.

Baking is a joyful thing. I usually do it in my highest of spirits (it’s no joke to stand and wait for hours to see that beautiful cake I imagined in my head). Not when I'm sad.

But that was until I actually hit the bottom and all I wanted was the Banana Bread.

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