Sunday, April 28, 2013

Undersea Adventure ~ First Birthday Party for Ojasvi

For the last one year I've been doing my part of the research here. On and off it was there in my head and I had an idea what I would like to do on this day. And yet like every other thing, there were last minute changes which lead to this beautiful day!

One year ago I was blessed with a little bundle of joy. Now she bundles herself up in a blanket and brings joy, happiness and laughter to our lives each day!

She would most probably not remember anything when she grows up but these amazing photographs taken  by her dad will give her a chance to cherish her first Birthday...just like we did!

March has been a month of DIY's at our house. Everything from invitations...

Wall banners...

 to the Party themed wall-art!

Oh and two of these double layered Birthday cakes. :)

Her favorite ~ Strawberry icing for the cake smash, which she absolutely enjoyed having it to herself...

The kids ran all over the house on their sugar rush and we all had a field trip keeping them together.

Oh forgot the most important part... favors ~

Thanks to the cooperation of Sam from The Pipal. I managed to get these beautiful magnets {which fits the theme} on time. 

And the hard working lot sitting and enjoying little peace and silence when all left. 
Even if its only for a photograph ;)




  1. Lovely, absolutely lovely. :-) The little Ojasvi surely is spreading joy and love all around. And JB, as usual at his VERY best.

  2. Awesum piggy jst luved readin n checkin out ojju


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