Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oreo Vanilla and Chocolate Ice-cream Cake

I am going to cheat a little bit.

I am going to post about an Ice-cream cake that was specially made for my dear friend visiting my cutie pie on a whim. Everybody comes knocking to see her and not us anymore...

Yeah so back to the cake. I promised Bhavana Oreo Ice-cream cake for her birthday once upon a time on facebook and sooo on her Birthday I post the pictures of the cake she and her hubby and my hubby ate without giving a melting drop to me.

Well I couldn't have it. My throat wasn't feeling good and believe me when I tell you that a cranky 4 month old Ojasvi is not what I was looking forward to. Oh! Yes my Little one is named Ojasvi...

It looks like I'm becoming master at making things last minute. While we all decided on having Italian brunch of Pizza dip with toasted bread and Spaghetti with vegetarian bolognese sauce I remembered my promise of feeding her Oreo cake and just like that it started.

By some baker's miracle she was running late and me - I am always on time!
And I kept delaying the dessert part until it was good 6 hours before I took the cake out. all set and looking beautiful with vanilla and chocolate layer.

And it was beautiful only for few minutes until we could take some pictures and then the Delhi humid weather attacked with all blazing guns and these guys rushed with the cake to the air conditioned part of the house to save it and eat it all before it was milk and cream.

Overnight freezing is recommended if you would like to take pictures like I did.

Recipe follows:

2 Packet Oreo Cookies
2 Tbsp Melted Butter
350 gms Vanilla Ice Cream
200 gms Chocolate Excess Ice Cream


Leave vanilla ice cream out on shelf to soften.

Break apart and remove cream from one of the packets of Oreo cookies and crush in blender.

Add melted butter to the crumbs Spread on an 8 - inch Spring form pan. Refrigerate.

Roughly break the cookies of the other packet and mix to now softened vanilla ice cream.

Spread on the base and refrigerate again.

Leave Chocolate excess ice cream to softened on shelf while vanilla sets.

Half an hour later - add now soft chocolate excess over Vanilla.

Freeze for few hours. Minimum of 4 hours and overnight is recommended.

Cut and Serve cold!  


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