Friday, June 22, 2012

Tiramisu Disaster

As excited as I was to spoil my foodie sister this weekend with her favorite French Dessert.
It did not go as planned.

Ladyfingers bought from INA market last month were spoiled and there was no way to find a new packet in Meerut. So I found a recipe online to make my own Tiramisu at home from scratch.

It was easy enough, right?


Those Egg whites refused to co-operate and at the third try I went ahead with soft peaks instead of stiff as the recipe called for.

Believe me I got a sweet base for Tiramisu, but it wasn't anything like ladyfingers I was working for. And it shrunk while left for cooling. So yeah a disaster!

Thanks to the 43 degree Celsius, the cheese and cream were also acting their best they could and still did not survive the blender heat.

In the end we had Tiramisu that night but it wasn't something worth clicking. It was just frozen cream on a sweet base which I have no name for, although it tasted like Tiramisu.


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