Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Homemade Vanilla Extract

From the very start I understood the importance of ingredients used while baking. But somethings were just out of my reach when I started.
I never failed to notice the use of term 'Pure Vanilla extract' in every recipe but I had this small artificial flavor in my drawer which always gave my cakes a bitter aftertaste.

And when I was researching to buy 'Pure Vanilla Extract' in Delhi, I found nothing.
But I did find out that India is a mass exporter of Vanilla and yet I was facing difficulty locating that one store which would give me my first Pure vanilla extract experience.

I was cribbing and bored and I was going through Zoe bakes blog for inspiration and found Home made vanilla extract entry. Now that had all my attention!

That's it?

That's all it was to get my own 'Pure Vanilla'.

Yes! I have my own Pure Vanilla now and I fall in love every time I open the bottle to see if its done on not.

The recipe was sourced from Zoe Bakes

Recipe follows:

3-4 Vanilla Beans
Vodka (enough to cover beans in a bottle)


Slit Vanilla lengthwise and add it to a bottle of Vodka.
Shake well. Store it in Dark and cool place for about 6-8 weeks. 
Extended period makes it even better.

* I used the same bottle of vodka and added beans to it - because I am lazy!



  1. Hi Priyanka.I've been facing the same problem of not being able to find pure vanilla extract.Your blog seems to hv come to my rescue but pls let me know where can I find vanilla pods?Thanks.

    1. Hi. I bought mines from INA market in New Delhi. They were little on an expensive side but the extract is absolutely worth it. Fab India Stores & Nature's basket have also started selling pods now.

  2. Hi priyanka,

    wanted to know if there is any substitute for vodka to make pure vanilla extract.

    1. Hi. You can use Rum as a substitute. Lots of people have tried it and are happy with the results.
      But if you are looking for Non alcoholic substitute. Then I'm sorry. I haven't come across anything as yet. Though I'll keep my eyes and ears open.


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